How to Play Sic Bo

Welcome to the best place to learn how to play Sic Bo, our FREE Lottery Game. Just take a look around and you’ll find it all here, including rules, strategies, a Wynne Martingale System to help you build your odds, and tips provided by professional Sic Bo player, John Kelly. You can play for free using the site’s scratch cards page. (No need to buy a card – you already bought one!) But, when you’re ready to win yourself a bit of money, you can pay for a professional Sic Bo System Card.

What is Sic Bo?

It’s a lottery game that has the best odds in the house, approximately 1-in-8.9-million. Other wise known as, “The big one.” When playing Sic Bo, you must pay $1 and pick six numbers, 1-in-slot-machine-sense. deposit 20 bonus 15 Once you’ve picked your numbers, pay $1 again for the next draw and receives your winnings, unless you’ve won $50, in which case you’ll have to pay $2, and pick six more numbers. Each combination that you’ve won will be worth $1.

Tips for winning at Sic Bo

There aren’t any. Although, if you’re good at math, you can play faster and easier, using formulas. Some operators provide the time of the day (better for you) and suggest the least popular days for best results. Always check the legality of playing Sic Bo, what state it’s in, and if it’s played legally, your chances of winning.

How Sic Bo is played

It’s played with a flip cup – it’s upside down from that other flip cup game we know. You have 3 boxes to the right of the game box, and 1 empty box to the left of game box. In each box, you put a different number. When the draw is made, the game corrects to the 1 box that shouldn’t have been there, by moving that box to the correct spot. The 3 boxes you put in the center are called Sic BoZone, because they are zone bets. When you win, you tip your winning box to the dealer.

The better you are at Sic Bo, the better you can handle it. Play the game as if you were learning it, slowly, carefully – not recklessly – and you’ll have a better chance of winning. When you’re winning, have patience for your payoff, and be patient for your next turn, and you’ll always have the money in your pocket by then.

The odds in Sic Bo are the same as in other lottery games. Though many varieties exist, there are generally two types of Sic Bo lottery patterns, thegression and theparade. Typically thegression involves a set amount of payouts for a win. Often you will have to pay $1, $2, $5, $10, and even $20 to win the $100 payout. Because the parades only payout the minimal $1 prizes, the winnings are mainly inexpensive. Sic Bo has the fastest payouts in the casino.

The Sic Bo player is encouraged to get the maximum payouts. Because of the way the parades pay, they tend to have high payout rates. Therefore the casino makes money by offering these high payouts. Sic Bo players tend to take longer to play because they have to pay attention to the parades. Winning in Sic Bo requires Sic Bo player to have patience. Part of the game is leading the parades because they pay you even when you’rebad at the game. Consider giving Sic Bo a try. Few games offer the simplicity of simplicity in design and Sic Bo is one of them.